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Price list

Jack Conrad, Which Road? (1991): £6.95

Jack Conrad, From October to August (1992): £6.95

Jack Conrad, Problems of communist organisation (1993): £4.95

Jack Conrad, In the Enemy Camp (1993): £4.95

Jack Conrad, Towards a Socialist Alliance Party (2001): £5.00 (buy from lulu)

Jack Conrad, Remaking Europe (2004): £5.00 (buy from lulu)

Jack Conrad, Fantastic Reality (2007) *OUT OF PRINT: new edition coming soon!*

Mike Macnair, Revolutionary Strategy (2008): £7.99 (buy from lulu)

Ben Lewis & Lars T. Lih, Zinoviev and Martov: Head to Head in Halle (2011): £14.00 (buy from lulu)

Chris Gray, Homer and the European Epic (2011): £2.00 (buy from lulu)

Sales, postage & packing

Please add £2.00 for each book you order direct from us to cover postage.

Send a cheque, payable to November Publications ltd., and details of your order, to:

November Publications ltd.
BCM box 928
Wc1N 3XX


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