Which Road?

Jack Conrad, Which Road? (1991)

“Without a Communist Party, the working class can never liberate itself. And without a communist programme, there can be no genuine Communist Party. The roots of the collapse of the bureaucratic socialist states of eastern Europe and the Soviet Union  and the liquidation of the ‘official’ world communist movement can be seen in those parties’ abandonment of marxism. This was a protracted process – a death by a thousand cuts. The collapse of ‘official communism’ is not the failure of Marxism, but of opportunism.

“In the last analysis, the reason for the failure of ‘official communism’ is a failure of programme. This was not the fault of one person, or a break-down in collective intellect. The programmes of ‘official communism reflected – were designed to serve – those in the workers movement who had no interest in revolution, those who preferred compromise with capitalism, rather than its destruction.

“This is the significance of Jack Conrad’s book dealing with the reformist programmes of various strand of opportunism in Britain. It is more than just a criticism. It provides the preliminary groundwork necessary for drawing up the draft programme around which the struggle to reforge the Communist Party of Great Britain will be focused.”

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