Problems of Communist Organisation

Jack Conrad, Problems of Communist Organisation (1993)

Party struggles lend a Party strength and vitality; the greatest proof of a Party’s weakness is its diffuseness and the blurring of clear demarcations; the Party becomes stronger by purging itself” (Lassalle to Marx, June 24 1952).

During the months July to September 1993 members of the Communist Party of Great Britain were involved in a fierce battle over the question of democratic centralism. A minority claimed the Party was dominated by a ‘bureaucratic clique’ that strangled initiative and was causing a creeping sclerosis of the entire organisation.

Jack Conrad exposes the fundamental mistakes and hypocrises of this minority. At the same time, he explores the theory of proletarian organisation, both philosophically and from the point of view of practice.

Opponents of communism will no doubt sneer at the arguments in this book. They will pick out polemical passages from the documents of the minority about immanent bureaucracy, showtrials or restrictions on democracy.

However, the Communist Party believes that this struggle contains lessons which will have significance for class conscious workers for many years to come. That is why we publish the views of both sides in controversy – the majority and the minority.

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