From October To August

Jack Conrad From October to August (1992) pp279

“The August 1991 counterrevolution unleashed an unprecedented barrage of bourgeois triumphalism. The bourgeoisie think they will now last forever. They want, they need to believe that they have beaten not simply this or that Communust Party, this or that revolution. No, they want to believe that the collapse of ‘official communism’ is the organisational expression of capitalism’s final victory over its own mortality.

“Jack Conrad’s book is the effective answer to this reactionary crap. In From October to August he shows how genuine Leninists never wavered in our pro-Soviet stance. It shows how Marxists clearly warned of the counterrevolutionary danger represented by Gorbachev and the forces he was unleashing. As such it is an important contribution to the fight to build a Party capable of leading new Octobers, of turning the world upside down once again. Let our enemies have their day of ‘triumph’: the future is ours!”

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